A Commentary on the Mutus Liber (Hermetic Research Series) by Adam McLean PDF

By Adam McLean

ISBN-10: 0933999909

ISBN-13: 9780933999909

Within the Magnum Opus airtight Sourceworks sequence.

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If the dream does not seem to be related to your problem, it may be that your random brain activity has not stimulated the images relevant to your question. Again, repeat the procedure the following night. But do not discard the dream you recalled. It may address other issues in your life. 14 Dream incubation is a valuable technique that can be used to evoke all of the extraordinary dreams we discuss in this book. But it is especially helpful in addressing creative or problem-oriented questions because of the opportunity it gives to tap into the creative capacities of the dreaming process.

Lucid dreaming represents a continuity of content as well as cognition, so there will be many individual differences among lucid dreamers. 36 Each person must decide for him or herself whether lucid dreaming is worth the effort. Some may stop after one or two lucid dreams, but others may find them so exhilarating that they make lucid dreaming part of their regular spiritual practice. This page intentionally left blank. ķ Chapter 5 Out-Of-Body Dreams he significance of dreaming is discussed in the Mandukya Upanishad, one of the ancient Hindu scriptures.

In a dream, an inner presence recommended Houston, Texas, as a location to start his business. Sechrist became lucid during the dream and asked why Houston would be suitable. Three images appeared in his dream: a star, a running water faucet, and a family on a houseboat. Once he awakened, Sechrist understood that the dream indicated that Houston would be the “star” of the South with ample water and incremental growth as a vacation center. Sechrist Lucid Dreams 35 moved to Houston and opened his business.

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