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By Dale Jacquette

This selection of newly comissioned essays by means of overseas members deals a consultant review of an important advancements in modern philosophical logic.

  • Presents controversies in philosophical implications and purposes of formal symbolic logic.
  • Surveys significant tendencies and provides unique insights.

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By 1781, the time of the Critique of Pure Reason, he had changed his mind; Locke “speaks of the origin of concepts, but this really does not belong to logic” (Kant 1992: 439). While claiming earlier that the logician must know the human soul and cannot proceed without psychology, he now held that “pure logic derives nothing from psychology” (Critique of Pure Reason A54/B78). ’ An organon (Kant uses the word in the sense Bacon gave it in the Novum Organum) attempts to codify methods of discovery.

This passage ought to yield a déjà lu experience. Most of us, certainly, will have read this explanation of a proposition per se nota. The German text from which we know it is not 31 E. P. BOS AND B. G. SUNDHOLM medieval, but was published 500 years later, in 1781, by a professor of philosophy at Königsberg in Eastern Prussia. There, though, the same formulation is used to explain the notion of an analytic judgment. 1109) XII Peter Abailard, 1079–1142 Adam Parvipontanus Gilbert of Poitiers, 1080–1154 Alberic van Reims John of Salisbury, c.

Kant, unaware of earlier and since forgotten progress in logic, held that logic did not have to set aside any part of Aristotle’s theory, but also had not taken a single step 36 THE RISE OF MODERN LOGIC forward, and “is to all appearances finished and complete” (Critique of Pure Reason, B viii). But in early lectures, he had shared the general disdain for the subject: “It took great effort to forget [Aristotle’s] false propositions. . Locke’s book de intellectu is the ground of all true logica” (Kant 1992: 16, 24).

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