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The book of this totally up-to-date variation of A Dictionary of Genetics coincides with the hundredth anniversary of the advent of the time period genetics by means of William Bateson in 1906 on the 3rd foreign convention on Genetics. on account that then genetics has made large advances in wisdom and strategy and now occupies a pivotal place within the lifestyles sciences because the strongest potential for probing primary questions in mobile biology, improvement, and evolution. The decision of sequences of entire genomes, the examine of gene expression and genetic edition on a world scale, and the power to quickly enlarge gene sequences and to accomplish detailed gene disruptions are only a few examples of significant achievements during this box. Proliferation of recent phrases necessarily accompanies such striking development. This re-creation of the Dictionary addresses the wishes of scholars, educators, and scientific geneticists for an authoritative and up to date reference paintings that not just defines the newest phrases, yet mostly, additionally offers vital ancillary encyclopedic info. A Dictionary of Genetics is exclusive in that it contains phrases from quite a lot of disciplines which now intertwine with genetics, together with molecular biology, mobile biology, drugs, botany, and evolutionary reports. Its 7,000 cross-referenced definitions are supported via a superb number of line drawings, tables, and chemical formulae. One-fifth of the Dictionary is dedicated to 6 appendices to which the definitions are cross-referenced and which include a rare trove of supplementary info. This incorporates a chronology of significant advances spanning the years 1590 to 2005, lists of precious websites and periodicals, a category of dwelling organisms into an evolutionary hierarchy, and a pattern desk of genome sizes and gene numbers. those good points make A Dictionary of Genetics a lexicon remarkable within the box. For the 1st time, the Dictionary is on the market on Oxford Reference on-line (ORO): top class assortment!

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Anticodon the triplet of nucleotides in a transfer RNA molecule which associates by complementary base pairing with a specific triplet (codon) in the messenger RNA molecule during its translation in the ribosome. antidiuretic hormone See vasopressin. antigen 1. a foreign substance that, upon introduction into a vertebrate animal, stimulates the production of homologous antibodies; a complete antigen or immunogen. A complex antigenic molecule may carry several antigenically distinct sites (determinants).

A third protein, ankyrin-3 (also known as ankyrin-G), is encoded by the ANK3 gene mapping to 10q21, and alternatively spliced isoforms are expressed in nervous tissue, muscle, and other tissues. ). See fusome, integral protein, spectrin, spectrosome. anlage the embryonic primordium from which a specific part of the organism develops. anneal to subject first to heating then to cooling. In molecular genetics experiments, annealing is used to produce hybrid nucleic acid molecules containing paired strands, each from a different source.

Animal pole that pole of an egg which contains the most cytoplasm and the least yolk. anion a negatively charged ion. Contrast with cation. Aniridia a dominant mutation of the Pax-6 gene located at 11p13, which causes defects in the iris, lens, cornea, and retina of humans. The Pax-6 gene of humans, the Sey gene of mice and rats, and the ey gene of Drosophila are homologous. See eyeless. anisogamy that mode of sexual reproduction in which one of the sex cells, the egg, is large and nonmobile, whereas the other (the sperm) is small and motile.

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