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By Guillermo E. Rosado Haddock

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The current selection of seventeen papers, so much of them already released in foreign philosophical journals, offers either with matters within the philosophy of common sense, the philosophy of arithmetic, the philosophy of language and epistemology. the 1st half includes severe exams and a bit of deviant renderings of the paintings of 2 seminal philosophers, Frege and Husserl, in addition to of the younger Carnap and Kripke. the second one half comprises analyses of primary concerns within the philosophy of good judgment, the philosophy of arithmetic and semantics, together with arguments on behalf of Platonism within the philosophy of arithmetic, a security of second-order good judgment, a brand new definition of analyticity, a cartoon of a semantics for mathematical statements and a critique of Kripke's attainable international semantics for modal common sense.

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50 See Dummett's Frege: Philosophy of Language 1973, revised edition 1981. 41 matter how much importance they have acquired for later discussions in that area. But Sluga countered Dummett’s rendering of Frege with an equally false rendering of Frege as an epistemologist and, more specifically, a Kantian epistemologist. Frege, however, was a philosopher of mathematics, who saw the necessity of making some elementary semantic distinctions, in order to convey most clearly his views on the philosophy of mathematics and the philosophy of logic, and cautiously felt obliged to say a few things about concrete epistemological issues, but avoided more general ones until his disenchantment with his philosophical views at the end of his life.

179 and 181, respectively. , p. 188. 66 45 difference in cognitive value between those statements. On the other hand, Sluga’s interpretation of identity statements as expressing an identity of the signs at the sides of the identity sign also blurs Frege’s important distinctions and makes Sluga consider all true statements of the form ‘a=b’ as synthetic. 69 Another example of this tendency among recent Fregean scholars to render Frege a Kantian, or at least a neo-Kantian, is Joan Weiner. In her paper ‘Putting Frege in Perspective’ Weiner stated70 that Frege’s work was the result of a small discomfort with Kant’s epistemology and was designed as a small correction of Kant, in order to make the latter’s epistemology work.

Thus, one can conclude that Frege did not have a clear-cut and thoroughly thought notion of conceptual content in Begriffsschrift – and he would never have one. §2 Brief Compendium of Frege’s Views in Die Grundlagen der Arithmetik Die Grundlagen der Arithmetik is a philosophical book, in fact, a philosophical masterpiece. Hence, it is not feasible to attempt to give in a few pages a complete account of all of Frege’s views expressed in that work. Nonetheless, some fundamental issues should certainly come to the fore.

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