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It is often necessary to make galvanometric measurements on shipboard. Instruments for such purposes are generally termed marine galvanometers. In order to avoid the disturbing action caused by the rolling of the ship, the magnetic needle is suspended by a silk fibre attached above and below in a vertical line with the centre of gravity of the needle. It is also necessary to protect the needle from the fluence of magnetized masses of iron in motion. effect this the needle of such galvanometer is in- To shielded from extraneous magnetic fields by means of a magnetic screen, which consists essentially of an iron box within which the whole galvanometer is placed.

Edison's electric meter is of the second class. It two voltameters formed of plates of zinc dipped in a solution of zinc sulphate. These plates are weighed at stated intervals one every month, consists of and the other every three months. THE MEASUREMENT OF ELECTRIC CURRENTS. 35 EXTRACTS FROM STANDARD WORKS. Concerning the relative advantages of -voltameters and galvanometers in the measurement of electrical currents, Ayrton, in his speaks thus on page 20 " Practical Electricity,"* : The disadvantage of employing a voltameter for the pracmeasurement of currents is that it requires a strong tical current to produce any visible decomposition in a reasonable time.

Which a few RAYLEIGH'S FORM OF CLARK'S STANDARD CELL. crystals of the salt are generally added. Tightly Wires prevent loss by evaporation. W, W, fused into the bottom of the vessels, serve fitting corks as the terminals of the cell. In Fig. 26 is shown Rayleigh's form of Clark's stand- MEASUREMENT OF ELECTROMOTIVE FORCE. ard The electrodes pass respectively through the cell. bottom and top of a the cell 53 is glass test-tube. On the bottom of placed a layer of mercury on top of which placed a layer of mercurous sulphate paste that is rendered sufficiently semi-fluid by mixture with zinc is sulphate to assume an approximately level surface.

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