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By Martin Whittingham

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This booklet is the 1st of its variety to concentration completely at the Qur’anic interpretation of Abu Hamid al-Ghazali (1058-1111), a towering determine of Sunni Islam. Martin Whittingham explores either al-Ghazali’s hermeneutical tools and his interpretations of specific Quranic texts, and covers al-Ghazali’s mystical, criminal and theological matters. Divided into elements: half one examines al-Ghazali’s felony and Sufi theoretical discussions half asks how those theories relate to his perform, analysing the single 3 of al-Ghazali’s works that are centrally eager about reading specific Qur’anic passages: Jawahir al-Qur’an (The Jewels of the Qur’an); Al-Qist as al-mustaqim (The right Balance); and Mishkat al-anwar (The area of interest for Lights). delivering a brand new element of entry to the works of al-Ghazali, this publication may be welcomed by way of students and scholars of Islamic reviews, non secular stories, hermeneutics, and someone attracted to how Muslims comprehend the Qur’an.

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The fourth discusses whether zakāt can be given to one person given that the reference to giving to ‘the poor and needy’ uses two plural nouns in the Arabic (Q9:60). Al-Ghazālī maintains that expenditure on one person is invalid, because the verse is unequivocal regarding giving to several people. In the fifth discussion al-Ghazālī again upholds the status of a Qur’anic verse as an unequivocal text. This time the issue concerns the question of providing food for ‘sixty poor persons’ (Q58:4). This action is prescribed as an alternative to two months of fasting before returning to a wife who has previously been renounced.

It is a category which applies to someone who disbelieves not only in God, but also in the Prophet and the Last Day. However, it is not applicable to someone who errs regarding God’s attributes. The fifteenth and final chapter cautions once more against hasty accusations of unbelief. Al-Ghazali and the Qur’an 20 Ta’wīl in The truthfulness of Muhammad’s words on the truthfulness of Muhammad’s The significance of the great emphasis in words has recently been discussed in detail by Griffel (2000:322; also Griffel 2004).

Instead, Frank argues, al-Ghazālī accepts a closed, determined system of causality, whereby events unfold inevitably rather than at God’s specific command. Frank offers as evidence from itself the fact that al-Ghazālī illustrates his fourth, ‘intellectual’ level of interpretation with reference to intermediary angels (Frank 1994:78, 100). Frank’s main evidence, however, is presented in an earlier work (Frank 1992). Here he contends that al-Ghazālī’s views on causality and cosmology are in fact strongly influenced by those of Ibn Sīnā.

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