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As abductee Claire Chambers told abduction researcher Kenneth Ring: My boyfriend . . and I were both removed from my bedroom in the night. My large dog attacked and injured one of the aliens. I fought also but was rendered unconscious. I awoke (in the craft I assume) in a strange environment lying on a table helpless with total paralysis. One alien was by my head and attempted to frighten me with his large eyes. The other aliens were working on my body. I was terrified and in great pain from the physical procedures they were doing to my body.

Similarly, some ufologists have suggested that the aliens, whether nonhuman or human, are coming from another universe linked to ours. In support of this idea, believers cite a theory among physicists that there are multiple interlocking universes, also known as multiverses or parallel universes, where more advanced humans live. What appear to be alien spacecraft, then, would be devices that enable intelligent beings to cross the divide between universes so they can study our world. The Imaginal Realm Another intriguing possibility suggested by some ufologists is that alien beings already live on Earth and that most people simply are not aware 58 The Near-Death Experience Abduction stories typically bear a striking resemblance to reports of near-death experiences.

Wells, “The Man of the Year Million,” in which he theorized that humans of the future would have these features because of their sedentary lives. Wells also used this description for the aliens in his 1901 novel, The First Men in the Moon. By this time, newspapers had published drawings of big-headed, skinny-bodied aliens. In the decades since then, Grey-like aliens have appeared in countless stories, novels, TV shows, movies, and video games. Consequently, Sakulich asserts that “the sighting of little gray 37 space aliens is the product of more than a hundred years of seeing their form in culture.

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