Lee Brimmicombe-Wood's Aliens - Colonial Marines Technical Manual PDF

By Lee Brimmicombe-Wood

ISBN-10: 1781161313

ISBN-13: 9781781161319

The USA Colonial Marines. final troubleshooters outfitted with state of the art firepower, able to strength projection around the large expanse of deep area. they could sharpshoot a guy at 1000 meters or obliterate a whole international from the protection of orbit. They reckon they're unbeatable.

But on a dirtball colony planet identified in basic terms as LV-426 the unthinkable happens. 

The Marines lose. 

The 'Aliens - Colonial Marines Technical Manual' is your authentic consultant to the gear and business enterprise of the us Colonial Marine Corps. choked with diagrams, technical schematics and plans, the handbook takes an in depth examine the weapons, automobiles and ships of the USCMC, and the lads and ladies who use them. 

A must-have publication for any 'Aliens' fan, the 'Aliens - Colonial Marines Technical Manual' examines the expertise of the movie's futuristic nightmare in each aspect.

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