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By Daniel Logan

ISBN-10: 0688002218

ISBN-13: 9780688002213

Within entrance flap: From Charles Manson's a number of murders to the proliferation of latest diabolic cults to the truths at the back of a few of modern headlines, Daniel Logan lays naked the mechanics at the back of satan worship, stories at the perform of voodoo and different old rituals, and exposes the harmful forces permeating each point of our society. He additionally finds his personal own confrontations with those darkish forces. Mr. Logan is a clairvoyant.

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QUESTION : Was Jennifer used in the cult? THE BOARD : Yes . She liked it. THE BOARD : QUESTION : [ 36 ] (Eileen) : Exactly how were John and Jennifer used in this witches' cult? BOARD : Sexually . . sex rituals . . black magic. QUESTION THE Out of complete embarrassment in front of Jane and Eileen, I immediately changed the subject and asked the supposed Bob Widdenfield if he liked Eileen . YES, the planchette pointed out . QUESTION : THE BOARD : Does Eileen like you? Shit . She does not believe .

Alice Jennifer. QUESTION (Daniel) : Why do we remember John and Jennifer [Jenny]? Why did we call each other by our middle names? THE BOARD : Black women made you call each other that . Why? QUESTION THE BOARD : A secret cult . QUESTION (Eileen, now caught up in the intrigue of the story, if not the means of its telling) : What secret cult? THE BOARD : [34] THE BOARD : No. Shut up, Eileen. Too fast . Too fast. There was a pause and then the planchette spelled out We stopped . for a moment and did say a prayer of sorts THE BOARD : John-John-Finnaly-old languageFinnaly killed Jennifer .

They also cast defensive spells against their counterparts, the black magicians. Those persons who delve into the black arts set out to invoke and manipulate power from the Darker forces of nature . A white magician never uses power for evil purpose or gain . " Wiccas were early medieval medicine men. "In pure witchcraft," says Sybil, "which is the religion of Wicca, the life force is of most importance . Wicca is a religion which preserves, protects, and strengthens life . " It has come to represent the supreme spirit of evil, the enemy of God and man .

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