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By Gerald J. Schueler

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This can be a sequel to Enochian Magic: a realistic Manual.  In this ebook, Schueler presents every little thing for the intense practitioner of the Enochian system-a approach that's entire in itself, and but simply on the topic of different structures of Qabalistic or Shamanistic magick. it really is an excellent e-book for starting, intermediate or complex scholars of magick and an important source and guidebook for occult Orders and resorts.

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Aleister Crowley, Book 4 The primary article of magical clothing is the robe. There are two main types: black with a hood, and white without a hood. Appropriate symbols can be used to decorate the robe according to your wat. The chief function of the black robe is to protect you by concealing. lt offers both silence and secrecy. Xt symbolizes your temporary withdrawal from the everyday bustle of Iife. The white robe symbolizes your aura. Your aura is the invisible sheath or sphere of light that surrounds your physical body.

This arrangement of 20 squares is called the Tablet of Union. The name is derived from the fact that the Black Cross joins all four Watchtowers together into a single Tablet as shown in Figure 1, Appendix A. The letters of the Tablet of Union are used to prefix the names of specific Watchtower Angels (see Appendix B). The resultant names are the names of the Archangels. The letters of the Tablet of Union are also used to prefix the names of Demons. This is shown in the sixteen figures of Appendix B.

I am Yesterday. "Seer of MiIlions of Years" is my name .... My forming of words is the aspect of myself that most closely corresponds to the god Khepera. Chapter XLII, The Book of the Dead THE SWORD: The Enochian word for sword is NAZPS (Nah-zodpehseh). The gematric value is 81 with an alternate value of 75. The Enochian is: THE CUP: The Enochian word for cup is TALHO (Tah-leh-hoh) The gematric value ís 54 with an alternate value of 48. Th Enochian is: THE WAND/ROD: The Enochian word for wand or rod is KAB (Kah-beh).

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