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By Louis-Marie Asselin

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Poverty is a paradoxical nation. Recognizable within the eld for any delicate observer who travels in distant rural components and concrete slums and meets marginalized humans in a given society, poverty nonetheless continues to be a problem to conceptual formalization and to size that's in step with such formalization. The research of poverty is multidisciplinary. It is going from ethics to economics, from political technological know-how to human biology, and any kind of size rests on arithmetic. additionally, poverty is multifaceted in response to the categories of deprivation, and it's also gender and age speci c. A vector of variables is needed, which increases a considerable challenge for person and staff comparisons essential to fairness research. Multidimension- ity additionally complicates the aggregation essential to practice the ef ciency research of rules. when it comes to source of revenue poverty, those difficulties, fairness and ef ciency, have bene ted from very signi cant development within the eld of economics. related achievements are nonetheless to return within the sector of multidimensional poverty. inside this basic historical past, this ebook has a really modest and narrow-scoped aim. It proposes an operational method for measuring multidimensional poverty, self sustaining from the conceptual beginning, the dimensions and the qualitative in addition to the quantitative nature of the first signs used to explain the poverty of someone, a family or a sociodemographic entity.

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X(N,J): the matrix of N observations on the K indicators decomposed into Jk binary variables, where J = K Jk is the total number of categories. X is named k=1 the indicatrix matrix. 2. , the sum of column j of X; 3. , N × K; N 4. f j = N j : the relative frequency of category j f ji = XX(i,(i)j) , where X(i) is the sum of line i of the matrix X. The set f ji = observation i. f ji , j = 1, J is named the profile of on the multivariate normal distribution and the estimation of a polychoric correlation coefficient matrix.

Clearly this definition can be applied also to any categorical discrete ordinal indicator, which is then recoded as a numerical indicator. In this categorical case, Betti et al. 11) where x1 is the smallest value taken by the indicator. The poorest individuals then take the value 1, and the richest, the value 0. 11, and the value x k,I for individual i. 12) K wk k=1 where wk is an indicator weight defined a priori from the average x k of x k : wk = ln 12 1 . 13) We follow here essentially Betti et al.

25): at each step, we keep a given indicator k into the poverty type set where its discrimination measure is larger. We refer to this sequential process as to the algorithmic identification of independent poverty types, more simply the poverty types algorithm. Let then κl∗ ⊆ κl be the subset of indicator indices at step L∗ ≥ 1 in the sequential process. Normally, to ensure that the process retains a maximal proportion of Itot in the disjoint poverty sets, the algorithm must be pursued until L ∗ = L.

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