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18 The Pre-Aristotelian Testimony " order. Isoerates has only one passage of relevanee. Ell

164 this turns out to be a simile of nine verses. Among the prose examples, the relatively brief reference to Plato's comparison of democracy with a shipmaster certainly refers to all of the lengthy illustration, notjust to the approximately corresponding opening words. 34 He can refer to a long comparison by means of a short one, and each is an €lKWV. In this area he does not make the distinction of some subsequent treatises. , ,\ \ Kat, t ,/ w~ Et,Kova~ ,~ .... Wa'TE oaat, av EVooKt,/-Lwat,v ....

Kal,\ T7]V aa7Twa apfLOTT€t I\€y€a al, 'f"tal\7]v "AP€WS". 1407aI5-18) Timotheus, frag. 2I (ed. Page). Attributed to Theognis, probably Theognis Tragicus, in [Demetrius] On Style 85. " 60 See above, p. 38. 57 58 45 Ancient Rhetorical Theories of Simile and Comparison Eut the proportional metaphor must always apply reciprocally to either oE its co-ordinate terms. For instance, iE a drinking-bowl is the shield oE Dionysus, a shield may fittingly be called the drinking-bowl of Ares. If areversal of terms were not possible, there would be no proportional metaphor.

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