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By Wands, Jeffrey A. [Wands, Jeffrey A.]

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I tried to fight against or just ignore my psychic abilities. But, as I’ve discovered, we can’t always control the gifts we’ve been given. I couldn’t just wrap up my gift and take it back somewhere to exchange it for one I thought I’d like better. And I couldn’t control the messages that kept coming at me, whether I wanted them or not. In my book The Psychic in You, I talked about messages I started getting and contacts I made with souls on the other side when I was a little kid. And, as I said, very often what came at me got me in trouble.

My work can be extremely emotional. It’s up to me to be sure that my emotions don’t get in the way and block my senses. Another problem I have to watch out for is becoming emotionally involved with my clients and their stories or problems. People almost always come to me when they’re in trouble or in pain. If they’re perfectly happy with the way their lives are going, they’re probably not in the frame of mind to start shaking things up by consulting a psychic. To do my job — and I have to keep remembering that it is a job — I need to keep my emotions in check because emotions create a kind of barrier that prevents me from receiving the communications that dead people want me to pass on.

It seems inevitable that there are always going to be people who just don’t want to open their minds to the possibility of life after death. They may be too caught up in the biases of their own upbringing or their own anger at someone’s having been “taken” from them to see anything beyond the black and white of their own reality. Or they may simply be afraid. Fear plays a big role, not only in our willingness — or unwillingness — to accept the unknown but also in our ability to find fulfillment in our own lives.

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