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By Francesco Gabrieli

ISBN-10: 0415563321

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The recapture of Jerusalem, the siege of acre, the autumn of Tripoli, the impact in Baghdad of occasions in Syria; those and different happenings have been faithfully recorded by means of Arab historians throughout the centuries of the Crusades. First released in English in 1969, this publication offers 'the different part' of the Holy struggle, providing the 1st English translation of latest Arab bills of the struggling with among Muslim and Christian.

Extracts are drawn from seventeen varied authors encompassing a mess of sources:

  • The basic histories of the Muslim international,
  • The chronicles of towns, areas and their dynasties
  • Contemporary biographies and documents of recognized deeds.

Overall, this e-book offers a sweeping and stimulating view of the Crusades noticeable via Arab eyes.

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On his release Bohemond went straight to Raymond of Saint-Gilles, Count of Toulouse and founder of the Frankish dynasty in Tripoli. It is hardly necessary to point out that this is a ridiculous exaggeration, as is often the case with figures given by the Muslim chroniclers. 25 grams of fine gold. 1 2 10 Arab Historians of the Crusades Antioch, where his arrival gave his people new enthusiasm. It was not long before he sent em issaries through Syria to Qinnasrin and the surrounding area to demand tribute.

A number of sailors were killed and about twenty ships fired where they lay drawn up on the shore. Meanwhile Tughtikīn did not omit to send letters to the people of Tyre encouraging them and urging them to keep up their resistance to the Frankish attacks. In about eleven weeks the building of the two towers and their battering-rams was completed. On 10 sha‘bān/11 February the Franks brought them into use against the city walls, and battle raged around them. The smaller of the two was more than forty cubits high; the larger, more than fifty.

They made for Damascus and then crossed the Euphrates. Suqmān settled in Edessa and Ilghazi went on into Iraq. The Egyptian governor of Jerusalem was a certain Iftikhār ad-Daula, who was still there at the time of which we are speaking. After their vain attempt to take Acre by siege, the Franks moved on to Jerusalem and besieged it for more than six weeks. They built two towers, one of which, near Sion, the Muslims burnt down, killing everyone inside it. It had scarcely ceased to burn before a messenger arrived to ask for help and to bring the news that the other side of the city had fallen.

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