New PDF release: Araminta Spookie 4: Vampire Brat

By Angie Sage

ISBN-10: 0060774924

ISBN-13: 9780060774929

What is lurking within the basement? Araminta thinks whatever terrible is hiding within the deep, hidden passages of Spookie House—could it's a werewolf? Then Max, Uncle Drac's creepy nephew, arrives and Araminta is certain he is as much as no solid. Araminta comes up with a plan to determine what Max is up to—and additionally to trap the werewolf. yet will it paintings?

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But she didn’t care, she just carried on in her scratchy voice, like chalk squeaking on a blackboard, “Well, Drac, as I said in my letter, Mathilda is off to -57- college and I have a cruise booked that I have no intention of missing. ” At the mention of “gone,” I saw Aunt Tabby smile faintly, but Uncle Drac looked like something had hit him over the head. ” he asked. His mother sighed just like Aunt Tabby sighs when I say something that she does not agree with. ” Just then Brenda put the teapot down on the table with such a thump that everyone and everything, including all the cups, jumped.

I listened to his footsteps fading -28- -29- Q away down the secret passage that runs behind the wooden paneling on the wall, and then a loud crash of thunder reminded me that I had an urgent appointment with some lightning. I ran down the corridor, through two moldy curtains, and past the monster bathroom. I zoomed along the zigzag passage, jumped over the trapdoor to nowhere, climbed up the old apple ladder and scrambled onto the ledge. And there I was, outside the old door to the haunted turret.

Indeed I did, Miss Spookie. It had injured its leg and been deserted by the wolf pack. I took it home and raised it myself. A wonderful companion. . ” Sir Horace sighed like he always does when he remembers the old days, which in his case are extremely old days. ” He suddenly stuck one foot out and put it on the next step. He looked very wobbly. ” I asked. “That would be most welcome, Miss Spookie,” said Sir Horace in a smiley kind of voice. So I took his right arm—very carefully—and we got to the top of the stairs in no time at all.

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