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By Joseph Peterson

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In lots of methods, Arbatel is exclusive between texts on magic. not like the majority of writings, it really is transparent, concise, and skillfully written. the sensible directions are straight forward and straight forward. whilst it first seemed in 1575, it attracted the eye of individuals with an incredibly vast diversity of agendas, together with a few of the best minds of the time. usually quoted and reprinted, either praised and condemned, its influence on western esoteric philosophy has been known as "overwhelming." Arbatel's magic is filled with ask yourself and unfastened from the sinister parts frequently linked to texts at the topic. however it is ready greater than magic; packed with gnomic knowledge, it urges us to aid our buddies, be optimistic and thankful, and use time properly. specially, it teaches us to concentrate, searching for the wondrous and remarkable. in reality, to the writer this almost defines the magus. integrated are illustrations, bibliography, index, and unique Latin textual content.

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Ideo dicuntur esse constellata, & raro efficaciam habent vltra 1 40 annos. Tutis­ simum igitur est tyronibus artis, vt sine nominibus per sola Spirituum officia operentur, & si ad Magiam prreordinati fue­ rint, reliqua artis requisita se vitro offerent. ORATE TAN­ TVM PRO FIDE CONSTANTE, & DEVS ordinabit omnia in tempore oponuno. Aphorism 1 8. The names of the Olympic spirits have been delivered by oth­ ers, but the only ones that are effective are those which are delivered by the revealing spirit, visible or invisible.

3. The true and divine magus is able to use all crea­ tures of God, and the services of the governors of the world, according to his command. '! With average magi, the governors will send some of their spirits, who will obey within certain limits. But they will not 41 Joshua 1 0 : 1 2-13. 39 ARBATEL Concerning M agic At Pseudomagos non audiunt, sed eos Dremonibus illu­ dendos obiiciunt, & in varia pericula coniiciuntur Deo man­ dante, sicut de Iudreis Ieremias capite 8. testatur. 4 I n omnibus elementis sunt septem gubernatores cum suis exercitibus, qui requali motu cum firmamenti motu mou­ entur, ac semper inferiores a superioribus dependent sicut PHILOSOPHIA GRATIJE docetur.

Ideo illis obediunt mundi Gubernatores, & VOCATI VENIVNT, ac iussa'o exequuntur, DEO tamen authore, Sicut losue stetit sol in crelo. Mediocribus Magis, mittunt de suis Spiritibus, qui in determinatis tantum quibusdam negoriis illis obtemperent. 40 So H. B: i lIssa. 1 . Each governor acts with all of his spirits, at other times naturally, always of course in the same manner, other­ wise out of his own &ee will, if God doesn't prevent it. 2. Each can also produce anything, which in nature takes a long time using predisposed material, and suddenly produce it using material that is not predisposed.

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