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By J. C. S. Clegg (auth.), Professor Dr. Michael B. A. Oldstone (eds.)

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The data provided little suggestion of any temporal correlation of divergence over the 35-year timespan covered in the study. Nor were there any indications that differences in virus virulence or human disease manifestation were reflected in the sequences examined. 2 Lassa Virus The intra species variation in Lassa virus has also been the subject of discussion and investigation, since sequence analysis of the S segments of virus isolates from hemorrhagic fever patients infected in Sierra Leone and Nigeria demonstrated extensive divergence (AUPERIN and MCCORMICK 1989; CLEGG et al.

Accordingly, our most recent understanding of the house mouse (BOURSOT et al. 1993; MARSHALL 1998) clearly indicates that the house mouse is a complex composed of at least three distinct valid species: M. castaneus, M. domesticus, and M. musculus. The nominate subspecies of M. musculus, Mus m. musculus, ranges from far east Asia (Chukotskiy Peninsula) throughout Asia north of the Himalayas and Caucasus, to Central Europe, where it meets and hybridizes along a narrow band (30-40km) with M. domesticus (BOURSOT et al.

Mopeia....... Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis New World Arenaviruses . Tacaribe Virus. Junin Virus . . . . Machupo Virus . . . Amapari and Cupixi Virus . Parana Virus . Tamiami Virus Latino Virus .. Pichinde Virus. Flexal Virus . Oliveros Virus. Sabia Virus .. Guanarito Virus. Whitewater Arroyo Virus Pirital Virus . . . . 27 27 27 29 30 31 32 34 34 35 37 38 40 40 42 44 45 46 47 47 48 49 3 A Synthesis of the Evolutionary History of Murid Rodents 49 4 Ecological and Geographic Generalities of the Mammalian Reservoirs of Arenaviruses 52 5 Concluding Remarks and Recommendations 53 References .

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Arenaviruses I: The Epidemiology, Molecular and Cell Biology of Arenaviruses by J. C. S. Clegg (auth.), Professor Dr. Michael B. A. Oldstone (eds.)

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