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Using symbolism is an artwork, now not a technological know-how. assorted humans use symbols in quite a few methods and every image may have varied meanings, even in the similar tradition. now not strangely, identifying the which means of symbols may be tough. This invaluable reference defines the overall symbolism of over 15,000 phrases, from historical to trendy, in addition to really expert meanings in mythology, faith, artwork, literature, folklore, flower language, astrology, heraldry, numerology, and cultures internationally. From "0" to "Zu," each one access catalogs all attainable connotations, indexed by way of tradition while applicable, developing the main complete symbolism dictionary to be had.

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Genevieve • Hindu wood, bellows, and axe: attributes of Agni • Taoist cosmic bellows: the space bounded by heaven and earth where life exists belly physical man; antithesis of the brain or spirit; gluttony; destruction; matter; sensuality; compassion; intuition • being in the belly of a monster or large sea creature hell; Sheol; descent into the underworld; cosmic night; embryonic state of being • emerging from the belly of a monster or large sea creature rebirth; resurrection; salvation • fat belly gluttony; prosperity • belly dance Asian: mimics childbirth; Greek: promotes fertility, sexuality • Hindu large belly: occasional attribute of a rakshasa • Oriental seat of life • see also stomach Belphegor • Jewish sloth Belshazzar, King • Christian upholder of paganism; a type of Antichrist belt virginity; power; strength; virtue; biding to power or office; dedication; fulfillment; victory; virtue; restraint • twisted belt a woman in love • Norse belt of Thor: doubling of strength • see also cincture; girdle belvedere • flower language I declare against you bend • heraldic knightly service bend sinister • heraldic royal descent Benjamin • Jewish the youngest son in a family Bennu • Egyptian self-generation; associated with the rising of Nile, resurrection, the sun, the calendar, Ra, Osiris Bermuda • English Elizabethan: enchantment, tempest, brothel district, underworld district berry fruit of marriage; close relation; immortality; knowledge; rejuvenation • berries on a branch friendship; ephemeral beauty • heraldic liberality; felicity; peace 30 beryl • bird beryl love; married love; everlasting youth; inner happiness; goodness; associated with Scipio • golden beryl stone for a 7th wedding anniversary betel • Indic aphrodisiac • Vietnamese love; conjugal fidelity; love potion betony associated with Aries, Jupiter (planet) • flower language surprise bezoar antidote for poison Bible the Word of God; sanctity; holiness; spiritual guidance; truth; Protestantism in particular, Christianity in general • opened to the Gospel of St.

Olaf; double-headed axe with a stone or open Bible: attribute of St. ; the equilibrium of opposites; harmony; emblem of Libra; associated with September; attribute of Justice personified, judicial courts • balances on a razor’s edge attribute of Opportunity personified • Chinese justice; righteousness; attribute of a mandarin • Christian associated with the Last Judgment; attribute of Christ, the archangel Michael; unbalanced: the trial of Christ • Egyptian attribute of Osiris, Thoth • Gallic sword thrown into a balance pan: associated with Brennus • GrecoRoman attribute of Hermes/Mercury, Nemesis/Invidia, Themis, Cronus/Saturn • heraldic justice • Hindu associated with the Kshatriya caste • Islamic associated with the Last Judgment • Jewish attribute of Melchizedek, the archangel Michael • Persian angel with golden balances: Rashnu balcony love; romance; spying; authority Baldur • Norse the life principle; love; eloquence baldness • Christian attribute of St.

Stephen • see also book bicycle humble transportation; free-spiritedness; self-control of the unconscious; balanced progress bilberry • flower language treachery billows overwhelming trials; loss of control bindweed • flower language great bindweed: insinuation; small bindweed: humility birch meekness; gracefulness; beginning; the new year; self-propagation; phallus; fertility; light; associated with love and death; charm against witches • silver birch associated with the archangel Raphael • birch rod or switch for whipping drives out evil spirits; school authority; corporal punishment; drives out insanity • Celtic beginning; renewal; youth • Estonian the personification of Estonia • heraldic new beginnings; vision quest • Norse the return of spring; the last battle in the world will be fought around a birch tree; attribute of Frigga, Thor • Russian associated with Spring • Slavic associated with Baba Yaga • Teutonic attribute of Donar • Ural-Altaic the Cosmic Tree bird the soul; thought; imagination; spiritualization; transcendence; divine manifestation; the spirit; spirit of the dead; the ability to communicate with the gods and/or to enter a higher state of consciousness; link between heaven and earth; messenger; supernatural aid; air; wind; time; immortality; creation; the feminine principle; aspiration; prophecy; love; freedom; haste; betrayal; attribute of the personification of Touch, Hera/Juno personifying Air; associated with the archangel Raphael • large birds the solar; wind gods; thunder, especially if they have tongues of lightning • night birds associated with Saturn (planet) • bird accompanying a hero divine assistance • solitary birds the isolation of those who live on a superior mental plane • talking and singing birds amorous yearning • bird on a pillar union of spirit and matter; a sun god • white bird ancient times: eroticism • dark bird and light bird together dualism; the manifest and unmanifest; darkness/light, etc.

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